Meet the Drapers Season 4

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Guest Judges

  • Naveen Jain headshot

    Naveen Jain

    Founder & CEO of Viome

  • Scott McNealy headshot

    Scott McNealy

    Co-founder of Sun Microsystems and Curriki

  • Shalini Govil-Pai headshot

    Shalini Govil-Pai

    VP/GM of TV at Google

  • Thara Natalie headshot

    Thara Natalie

    Wellness Warrior

  • Jay Sean headshot

    Jay Sean

    Global Pop Star

  • Ronnie Lott headshot

    Ronnie Lott

    NFL Hall of Famer

  • Asra Nadeem headshot

    Asra Nadeem

    President of Entrepreneurship Programs at Draper University

  • Paresh Ghelani headshot

    Paresh Ghelani

    Esteemed Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

  • Neville Taraporewalla headshot

    Neville Taraporewalla

    President of Brand Capital International

  • Kara Ross headshot

    Kara Ross

    American Jewelry Designer

  • Scott Parazynski headshot

    Scott Parazynski

    American Astronaut

  • Adam Cheyer headshot

    Adam Cheyer

    Co-founder of Siri Inc.

  • Siri Srinivas headshot

    Siri Srinivas

    Co-founder of Siri Inc.

  • Anant Agarwal headshot

    Anant Agarwal

    Founder and CEO of edX

  • Miray Tayfun headshot

    Miray Tayfun

    Co-founder and CEO of Vivoo


Sarika Batra

Sarika is the Executive Producer, Director and Showrunner of Meet the Drapers. With over a decade-long experience in content strategy and media, Sarika previously created, produced, and hosted Andaaz, an inspirational talk show which aired in 150 countries to an audience of over 20 million worldwide on Sony Entertainment Television. Sarika has also been on the producing team for TEDx San Francisco, Big Ideas for a Better India, Novus, and TiE.


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