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$1 Million In Investment From Tim Draper

The winner of Season 5 receives $1 million in investment from Tim Draper. The 2nd place winner receives $500K and the 3rd place winner receives $250K.
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Meet The Drapers is international!

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  • Canada
  • India
  • Taiwan
  • Portugal
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  • Brazil
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Meet the Entrepreneurs

by countries

Get to Know the Entrepreneurs and their Companies

Amir Bozorgzadeh headshot

Amir Bozorgzadeh

Manuel Oliveira headshot

Manuel Oliveira

Jose Fuertes headshot

Jose Fuertes

Veronica Orvalho headshot

Veronica Orvalho

Alex Cree headshot

Alex Cree

West Coast
Chase Palmieri headshot

Chase Palmieri

West Coast
Vignesh Ramaswamy headshot

Vignesh Ramaswamy

West Coast
Thomas Zerega headshot

Thomas Zerega

Magnetic 3D
West Coast
Mitchell Cowburn headshot

Mitchell Cowburn

Amol Karnick headshot

Amol Karnick

KA Imaging
Taylor McCubbin-Freer headshot

Taylor McCubbin-Freer

Rebecca Clyde headshot

Rebecca Clyde

West Coast
Sherry Chang headshot

Sherry Chang

Neural lab
West Coast
Frederick Devarampati headshot

Frederick Devarampati

Paul Hsu headshot

Paul Hsu

Rooit Inc
Sandeep Vyas headshot

Sandeep Vyas

Vishnu Teja headshot

Vishnu Teja

Mansoor Rahimat Khan headshot

Mansoor Rahimat Khan

Sucheta Baliga headshot

Sucheta Baliga

Jump To Pc
Pohan Chen headshot

Pohan Chen

CancerFree Biotech
Andy Lin headshot

Andy Lin

Yo-Kai Express Inc
Erix Lin headshot

Erix Lin

ioNetworks Inc
Ying-chieh Tsai headshot

Ying-chieh Tsai

Bened Biomedical
Leonardo Guedes headshot

Leonardo Guedes

Monique Lima headshot

Monique Lima

Mimo Live Sales
Willian Leandro Santos headshot

Willian Leandro Santos

Diogo Machado headshot

Diogo Machado

Quiron Digital
Chinmay Soman headshot

Chinmay Soman

Lilly Sparks headshot

Lilly Sparks

Bryan Guadagno headshot

Bryan Guadagno

It's Skinny
Jamie Van Doren headshot

Jamie Van Doren

Angela Edwards headshot

Angela Edwards

East Coast
Bobin Chandra headshot

Bobin Chandra

East Coast
Krishna Manda headshot

Krishna Manda

East Coast
Emma Butler headshot

Emma Butler

East Coast

A Global Show

How it works

First Step
Pitch Events

36 entrepreneurs from regions across the globe are selected to pitch in front of Tim Draper and his family. Major regions featured include India, Taiwan, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Silicon Valley, Austin, and New York!

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global show image
Second Step
Pitch Events

Every episode, viewers get to learn and experience a region’s startup ecosystem and hear pitches from entrepreneurs from that region. One entrepreneur from each episode is selected to move onto the ‘Playoff Rounds.’ Viewers at home can root for their home region by voting for their favorite startups!

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global show image
Third Step
Pitch Events

Entrepreneurs battle it out in the playoffs and 3 entrepreneurs are selected to pitch in the season finale. And here’s the twist - the top three companies with the most votes from viewers are also selected to move forward onto the season finale.

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global show image
Final Step
Pitch Events

The winner takes home $1 MILLION DOLLARS from Tim Draper AND access to Tim Draper’s startup ecosystem & networks!

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global show image

Meet the Drapers

Bill draper headshot

Bill Draper

Founder of Sutter Hill Ventures and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation. Investments: OpenTable, Athenhealth, Apollo Computer, Activision and more.

Tim draper headshot

Tim Draper

Founder of DFJ, Draper Associates, Draper Venture Network, and Draper University in Downtown San Mateo. Investments: Tesla, Robinhood, Coinbase, Skype, Hotmail and more.

Polly draper headshot

Polly Draper

Award-winning Hollywood actress, writer, producer and entrepreneur. Most noted for: Thirtysomething, The Naked Brothers Band, The Good Wife, Rhinebrook and more.

judje icon

VIP Guest Judges

Each episode features a VIP Guest Judge. Who will it be this season?

Season 5 Guest Judges

Eva De Mol headshot

Eva De Mol

Managing Partner at CapitalT

Scott McNealy headshot

Scott McNealy

Co Founder at Curriki

Peter Diamandis headshot

Peter Diamandis

Founder at XPRIZE

Andrew Tang headshot

Andrew Tang

Partner at Draper Associates

Gina Kloes headshot

Gina Kloes

Chief Inspiration Officer at Draper University

Neville Taraporewalla headshot

Neville Taraporewalla

President at Brand Capital International

Kai Huang headshot

Kai Huang

Senior Advisor at Grishin Robotics

Filipe Trindade headshot

Filipe Trindade

CEO of Know How Club

Marcelo Hodge Crivella headshot

Marcelo Hodge Crivella

Consutling Specialist at Record TV

Randi Zuckerberg headshot

Randi Zuckerberg

Venture Partner at Offline

Kirthiga Reddy headshot

Kirthiga Reddy

President at Athena SPACs

Shalini Govil-Pai headshot

Shalini Govil-Pai

VP & GM at TV at Google

Sabeer Bhatia headshot

Sabeer Bhatia

Chairman & CEO at Sabse

Naveen Jain headshot

Naveen Jain

Founder & CEO at Viome Life Science

Joe Montana headshot

Joe Montana

Managing Partner at liquid 2 ventures

Nate Montana headshot

Nate Montana

Partner at liquid 2 Ventures

Adam Draper headshot

Adam Draper

Founder of Boost VC

Guest Judges in past seasons

Naveen Jain headshot

Naveen Jain

Founder & CEO of Viome

Scott McNealy headshot

Scott McNealy

Co-founder of Sun Microsystems and Curriki

Shalini Govil-Pai headshot

Shalini Govil-Pai

VP/GM of TV at Google

Thara Natalie headshot

Thara Natalie

Wellness Warrior

Jay Sean headshot

Jay Sean

Global Pop Star

Ronnie Lott headshot

Ronnie Lott

NFL Hall of Famer

Asra Nadeem headshot

Asra Nadeem

President of Entrepreneurship Programs at Draper University

Paresh Ghelani headshot

Paresh Ghelani

Esteemed Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Neville Taraporewalla headshot

Neville Taraporewalla

President of Brand Capital International

Kara Ross headshot

Kara Ross

American Jewelry Designer

Scott Parazynski headshot

Scott Parazynski

American Astronaut

Adam Cheyer headshot

Adam Cheyer

Co-founder of Siri Inc.

Siri Srinivas headshot

Siri Srinivas

Co-founder of Siri Inc.

Anant Agarwal headshot

Anant Agarwal

Founder and CEO of edX

Miray Tayfun headshot

Miray Tayfun

Co-founder and CEO of Vivoo

Sarika Batra


Sarika is the Executive Producer, Director and Showrunner of Meet the Drapers. With over a decade-long experience in content strategy and media, Sarika previously created, produced, and hosted Andaaz, an inspirational talk show which aired in 150 countries to an audience of over 20 million worldwide on Sony Entertainment Television. Sarika has also been on the producing team for TEDx San Francisco, Big Ideas for a Better India, Novus, and TiE.


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