Advice from our Meet the Drapers Winners: 3 Ways Sentry AI Stays Motivated & Inspired

Season 4 finalist Sentry AI wowed viewers and judges with their state-of-the-art AI-based Security Monitoring Platform, which reduces false alarms by 95% and increases accuracy by 10X. Combining the need for safety and security globally and artificial intelligence, Sentry AI gained 100K in investment from Tim Draper and $420K in crowdfunding investment from Meet the Drapers viewers (you can still invest in their crowdfunding campaign here!). Sentry AI’s security monitoring system is in 37+ countries and has established partnerships with well-renowned companies including Milestone Systems and Immix. We caught up with Uday Kiran Chaka, Founder of Sentry AI, and learned what keeps him motivated and inspired, especially when times are tough.

Passion for His Company’s Mission

The first thing that keeps Uday inspired is merging his two passions: concern for safety and security, and Artificial intelligence. When there are setbacks, obstacles, or unpredictable circumstances such as the Covid-19 pandemic, Uday reminds himself of why he started Sentry AI and how his product can benefit everyday citizens and keep businesses safe. He always asks himself, “if we don’t do it, who else will?” and that makes Sentry AI the success it is today. In addition to that, his natural optimism and determination to bring about a solution that no one else is tackling is a plus.

Confidence in Team & Investors

The trust and encouragement the Sentry AI team and investors have in Uday to deliver an outstanding product is another motivator that not only keeps him inspired but gives him the confidence to successfully lead the company when times are tough. With many looking to him for guidance and leadership, Uday gets the energy to find a solution to a setback or motivate his team to get back on track when they’re faced with obstacles.


Uday’s final way of attaining motivation is through yoga. Uday is a big practitioner of yoga and all for equanimity. When situations aren’t going well, yoga brings him back to a sense of calm and gives him the discipline to be resilient and find a way forward. As Uday says, “things are tough, but they always get better.”