Insight from Boxabl for Entrepreneurs Just Getting Started

Imagine buying your dream house, but this time it comes delivered to you in a box. Sounds impossible, right? Well not quite.

Our Meet the Drapers Season 4 winner Boxabl is solving our affordable housing crisis by building and delivering mass-produced houses to your backyard in a box, literally. With the use of cutting-edge technology, Boxabl homes are fully equipped with all your home essentials and importantly, are affordable — starting at only $50K. Not to mention, Boxabl is one of the only building systems compatible with automobile-style factory mass production and has over 17 patent filings to date for its technology. After winning $500K of investment from Tim Draper, Boxabl is now in the process of launching a 170,000 square foot factory in Las Vegas and its first initial customer is the US government with an order totaling around $9.2 million. We got the chance to catch up with the co-founder of Boxabl, Galiano Tiramani and gained some important insights on entrepreneurship.

For entrepreneurs who are just getting started, Tiramani’s main piece of advice is to understand that building a startup is a grueling process and not easy. The most important thing an entrepreneur can do is to be persistent. In Tiramani’s experience, “you need to keep going no matter how many times it doesn’t work out. Know that if you keep rolling the dice, your odds will get better and better.” While success is never linear and the time you put in can be overwhelming, rough, and feel never-ending, “when things finally do pan out, it’s pretty amazing and worthwhile.”

Another aspect of entrepreneurship that Tiramani emphasized is that being an entrepreneur is one of the best jobs you can have. His motto is, “Why work so hard for someone else’s dream as an employee when the payoff is astronomically bigger when it’s your own dream.” For new founders entering the entrepreneurial world, keep working hard because one day, your dreams will become a reality. We can see the Tiramani brothers—Galiano and Paulo—are living their dream and will one day make housing easy and accessible for everyone.

And who knows, maybe we’ll find one of these houses in space!

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