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The most interactive Meet The Drapers Season!Try to invest and win prizes!

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DraperX Game partners with the popular TV Show "Meet The Drapers"

30M Viewers

  • Invest your funny money in Season 6 startups and earn in-game returns
  • Get weekly insights about VC world
  • Celebrate learnings with one of a kind and cool prizes.

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DraperX Game is a venture capital simulator launched in partnership with the popular TV show "Meet the Drapers". Players can learn the essentials of venture capital through real-life applications using an interactive Telegram bot.

You can watch Season 6 of the show on DraperTV and the official website of "Meet the Drapers" from October 21.

Players can invest DraperCreds, the in-app funny-money, into startups of "Meet the Drapers" show through a telegram bot and earn pseudo-returns. Players can also expand their knowledge by checking weekly posts about venture capital. The tips will be useful for evaluating in-game-returns and portfolio performance.

The top three players who advance on the Leaderboard can win amazing prizes, including an internship at Draper Associates, a 6-month Chat-GPT subscription, Draper-signed goodies, surprises from startups, and more.

DraperCred is funny money, used only in the game to pseudo-invest in the startups. It doesn't have any real-life purchasing power. All users will have 50,000 DraperCreds on their starting balance. It can be refilled daily with the help of the Magic Ball in the bot.