Season 4 - Full Episodes

Episode 1 Boxabl, DigiBuild, and Sentry AI ft. Miray Tayfun

Meet the Drapers, is officially back for Season 4! Join venture capitalist Tim Draper and the legendary Draper family—Bill Draper and Polly Draper—as they search for the next billion dollar idea alongside the winner of Meet the Drapers Season 3 and founder of Vivoo, Miray Tayfun.

In the first episode, the judges meet: Boxabl, a housing module factory that builds and delivers foldable and affordable housing to your door; DigiBuild, a blockchain-powered construction management SaaS product; and Sentry AI, an open AI-based security monitoring platform.

Which startup will make it to the semi-final round? And who will win over the audience to stay in the running to get to the finale?