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The winner of Season 5 receives $1 million in investment from Tim Draper.
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and the 3rd place winner receives $250K.
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Virtuleap logo


Virtuleap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to address cognitive disorders and learning challenges with its library of VR games designed to test and train a range of cognitive abilities.

KIT AR logo


KIT-AR – Bringing Manufacturing Workers into Industry 4.0

OWO logo


OWO developed and patented a haptic system for you to feel video games, watch movies, or interact in the metaverse. OWO’s infinite different sensation creates a unique experience for its users.

Didimo logo


Didimo creates life-like digital human avatars in under 70 seconds, from a selfie. Didimo’s B2B platform is an automated, customizable and scalable solution, empowering all companies with a powerful yet affordable way to engage their customers in personalized, immersive 3D experiences.

West Coast

Baozza logo


Pizza…with a twist! Baozza combines classic pizza flavor with steamed Chinese dumplings known as “bao.” The perfect treat that’s ready when you are…pizza tastes better in a Baozza!

Credder logo


Credder is the world’s leading content review platform, like “Rotten Tomatoes for news.” Credder crowdsources reviews from journalists (Critic Score) and the general public (Public Score) into overall credibility scores for each article, author, and news website- solving content credibility for readers, platforms, and digital advertisers.

Canvas logo


Canvas is a creator-first, micro-monetization platform empowering creative entrepreneurs to CREATE, MICRO-MONETIZE & DISTRIBUTE with complete freedom and control.

Magnetic 3D logo

Magnetic 3D

Magnetic 3D is making the metaverse, 3D and XR more accessible without glasses or a VR headset.


Respira logo


Respira is on a mission to enhance the health of the built environment through improved air quality and connection to nature. Their patented biological air filters are scalable to satisfy any sized space.

KA Imaging logo

KA Imaging

A spin-off from the University of Waterloo, KA Imaging specializes in the development of innovative X-ray imaging technologies and systems, providing solutions to the medical, veterinary, and non-destructive test industrial markets.

ChimeraXR logo


ChimeraXR helps law enforcement and military members train anywhere, anytime through virtual reality. Through realistic hardware and immersive software, our simulations improve safety and performance.


Botco.ai logo


Botco.ai is a conversational marketing platform enabling meaningful and intelligent conversations between businesses and their customers.

Neural lab logo

Neural lab

Neural Lab is bringing the air gesture you see in Minority Report to life! Our patent-pending products utilize common cameras to translate hand/body motion into mouse, keyboard, or controller inputs for any application, on any device.

Hotnot logo


Hotnot is a fashion social media platform where the users can dictate fashion trends and save their favorites. With in house styling tips and recommendations from fashion creators, hotnot offers a new and convenient online shopping experience.

Rooit Inc logo

Rooit Inc

Rooit is building AI-powered personalities that help socially anxious people start conversations and connect emotionally with others. It has 1M+ users and is backed by Techstars Accelerator, moving towards the No.1 friend-making Dapp in Metaverse where people can be themselves and create genuine connections.


Gynocup/MildCares logo


"Our Brand is “GynoCup” we solve Menstrual, Intimate, and Toilet Hygiene personal problems through our range of innovative products which make a significant impact in the lives of women"

AssetVault logo


AssetVault is making intergenerational wealth transfer easy for Indians. We have built India's most sophisticated Succession Planning product under the brand of AasaanWill.

Beatoven.ai logo


Beatoven.ai is an AI-driven music creation tool for content creators to help them compose royalty-free, affordable, and unique music. The platform is primarily targeted at creators who are interested in creating unique background music tracks for their content, without having any advanced knowledge of music composition and production concepts.

Jump To Pc logo

Jump To Pc

JumpStream creates accessible education and entertainment products for India's next billion. JumpToPC is the first ultra-affordable computer that augments a household’s existing smartphone and television to provide access to customised learning, productivity tools and web apps at 20% the price of a laptop.


CancerFree Biotech logo

CancerFree Biotech

CancerFree Biotech is dedicated to helping doctors develop the optimal treatment for cancer patients and reducing the chance of ineffective drug use. Our exclusive technology combines organoid culture systems with Al recognition to rapidly expand cancer cells into organoids from blood.

Yo-Kai Express Inc logo

Yo-Kai Express Inc

Yo-Kai Express is the revolutionary high tech company who develope future autonomous restaurant to serve people gourmet food 24/7.

ioNetworks Inc logo

ioNetworks Inc

ioNetworks develops vision AI technology to power video systems and devices with lens or sensors. With global strategic partnership with top SoC design houses, Qualcomm, Ambarella, MTK and Novatek. We enable neural network for computer vision applications on compute-constrained embedded devices to make life safer and smarter.

Bened Biomedical logo

Bened Biomedical

Bened Biomedical develops novel probiotics that directly benefit the nervous system. From within the gut, these strains safely improve mental health and brain function, even showing promising clinical trial results for diseases such as autism, Parkinson's, and more.


CowMed logo


CowMed is a FarmTech company that monitors the behavior of cows to make profitable decisions for your farms.

Mimo Live Sales logo

Mimo Live Sales

Mimo Live Sales is a LIVE-commerce platform where you can shop online while seeing the products LIVE.

YoursBank logo


Yours Bank is a prepaid Visa card where you can set goals, simulate investments, send & receive money, and overall, improve financial literacy for adolescents.

Quiron Digital logo

Quiron Digital

Quiron Digital uses AI and satellite data to generate real-time information to combat the most varied threats around the world.


EarthSense logo


EarthSense is on a mission to heal the planet through AI and robotics. Our autonomous, affordable robots can help farmers worldwide farm profitably while revitalizing their soils and fighting climate change by sequestering a billion tons of carbon every year!

Afterglow logo


afterglow is an erotic wellness company that helps you have great experiences with your partner.

It's Skinny logo

It's Skinny

It's Skinny is a ketogenic and naturally gluten-free pasta alternative that provides convenience for 1 in 7 underserved consumers in the keto, paleo, diabetic and celiac communities, along with many others. It is an easy and fast way to eat low-calorie pasta that actually tastes good.

NeverEnding logo


NeverEnding is creating the premier amateur animation and storytelling platform. Express yourself through billons of unique avatars, original web comics, and animated videos – no art skills required. Browse and enjoy webcomics and videos created by people just like you.

East Coast

PyxAI logo


Pyxai is revolutionizing the way talent is identified by gathering data on intangible skills (soft skills). This is data on skills that job candidates can't properly convey on resumes, like communication, problem solving, or adaptability, but truly holds the key to retention in organizations.

Auticare logo


Auticare is an XR-AI based Assistive Technology learning platform for Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and special education.

Etho logo


Etho’s smart helmets enable you to stay seamlessly connected to important information you need during your ride so you can do what you love — RIDE!

Liberare logo


Liberare is a brand that empowers disabled women through fashionable and functional intimates that are easy to get on. Through our DTC brand and our B2B licensing model, our mission is to change the fashion industry to include disabled people.